RIIZE Eunseok’s Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Said To Be NCT Jaehyun’s Sasaeng+ Han So-hee’s Connection For Dates With Male Idols

This girl is believed to be the connection between Han So-hee and many male idols.

Han Seo-hee, a former idol trainee who was involved in various controversies, was recently accused of sexually harassing male idols. Han however has denied all allegations.

han seo hee

This controversy was exposed through some leaked messages of her and an unknown non-celebrity A. A is considered Han’s “broker” to male idols. She has the nickname “The Only,” a former student of Hanlim Arts High School where many idols go to. She is also an idol’s alleged ex-girlfriend and an influencer with over 60,000 followers on Instagram.


In recent viral screenshots, A was revealed to be Kim Ye-in. She claimed to be the ex-girlfriend of RIIZE‘s Eunseok. The screenshots also showed A boasting about Han Seo-hee’s wealth and background to get Eunseok to introduce the other members to Han Seo Hee. However, the alleged Eunseok said the members were being careful with relationships and he would ask them.

In her texts with Han So-hee, Kim Ye-in sent the screenshots of her conversations with Eunseok to Han, claiming they were still in contact despite having broken up after one year of dating.

After Han Seo-hee’s controversy went viral, fans have tried to dig up Kim Ye-in’s past. Many NCT fans exposed that Kim gained her Instagram followers pretending to be the hidden girlfriend of NCT’s Jaehyun, uploading photos pretending to be on dates with him. Fans also provided screenshots of her posts about the NCT member, which show how she tried to come to the places he has been to.

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