”HYBE will Take All Good Resources for Themselves”, SM’s Old Remark Resurfaces Amid Controversy 

An old remark by SM during their dispute with Kakao and HYBE has resurfaced amid the ongoing HYBE-ADOR controversy.

Previously, during Kakao and HYBE’s dispute over SM Entertainment’s shares, SM released an official statement to refute claims that joining HYBE will promote the agency’s growth. 

In particular, the agency said at the time, “If SM becomes a part of HYBE, our excellent trainees, good songs, outstanding choreographies, concert plans, and so on – HYBE will take all good resources for themselves by prioritizing the labels where they have higher stake in compared to SM.” 

min hee jin hybe

Now, as the HYBE-ADOR controversy unfolds, this statement has been proven true through the status of NewJeans members prior to debut. 

Particularly, among NewJeans members, Minji, Hanni, Danielle, and Haerin were all initially trainees under Source Music, and Hyein was the only one to have been recruited directly to ADOR. 

This means that Source Music has trained 4 out 5 NewJeans members for years, only for HYBE to transfer them to ADOR. As a result, Source Music had no choice but to recruit already known faces and rush the process of finding new trainees for their girl group project – LE SSERAFIM, leading to some LE SSERAFIM members barely receiving any training prior to their debut. 

Responding to this, netizens believe that SM made the right speculation about HYBE taking all the good resources for themselves, and show worries about artists under ADOR after the ongoing controversy.

Source: VKR

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