A series of photos capturing “A Business Proposal” female lead’s daily beauty

The actress has a simple fashion style, with a style of dynamism, freshness and youth.

After airing, the drama A Business Proposal has caused a fever all over the Korean market with high ratings, helping the lead actress Shin Ha Ri played by Kim Sejeong receive much attention. Besides watching the drama, the audience also praised the gorgeous beauty and youthful fashion sense of the female lead.

Kim Se Jeong Jo Bo Ah
Kim Sejeong again “bombarded” Kbiz with the female lead role in the drama A Business Proposal. 

Born in 1996, Kim Sejeong is a former member of I.O.I. Compared to the time of debut, the current Sejeong possesses a sweeter and more captivating beauty. The actress’s face is elegant with a beautiful nose bridge and mouth. In many different angles, Kim Sejeong is also overwhelming.

Kim Se-jeong
Stunning close-up photo of Kim Sejeong with sweet and fresh beauty.  
Kim Se-jeong
She showed off her amazing side angle that made fans fall in love.  

Kim Sejeong is 1m64 tall. This is not an outstanding height compared to the current Kbiz beauties, but it still helps Sejeong attract attention. The actress has a well-proportioned figure, slender shoulders and toned waist. Although it is not a too small waist, she is still confidently showing it off when posing for photos.

Kim Se-jeong
The height of 1m64 helps Kim Sejeong stand out.  
Kim Se-jeong
The actress showed off her amazing waist that made fans fall in love.  

Following Kim Sejeong, fans realize that the actress has a simple fashion style, with a style of dynamism, freshness and youth. She prefers crop tops with high waisted pants or simple skirt sets, revealing her slim legs. Hats and glasses are accessories often promoted by Kim Sejeong. Many commented that these items help the 1996-born female stars feel like a schoolgirl.

Kim Se-jeong
The striking yellow dress helps Kim Sejeong show off her youthful beauty.  
Kim Se-jeong
Kim Sejeong’s schoolgirl style.  
Kim Se-jeong
She became sweet with a floral dress with a cut waist design.  
Kim Se-jeong
Kim Sejeong’s childish image brings positive energy to fans.  
Kim Se-jeong
Kim Sejeong also diversified with a blazer and a trench coat. With these items, the actress is somewhat more mature but still pretty in the eyes of fans.

Despite the simple daily style, Kim Sejeong‘s outfits at events are dynamic. The actress preferred to choose a fluffy gown, showing off her sexy bare shoulders. Her makeup is also more sophisticated and eye-catching. Sejeong’s diverse and continuous change makes fans excited every time they look at it.

Kim Se-jeong
A gorgeous black dress was chosen by Kim Sejeong when going to the event.  

Kim Sejeong also has an enviable bare face. Putting aside the thick layer of makeup, the former I.O.I member showed off her youthful, smooth skin with no defects. Her simple everyday photos captured the hearts of people even more.

Kim Se-jeong
The photo shows off Kim Sejeong’s simple yet captivating beauty.  

Looking at Kim Sejeong‘s daily life, fans realized that the beauty of the female idol seems to have been forgotten among many beauties today. From her face, figure to her fashion sense, all have distinct features. If she is promoted further in the fashion segment and has good support, she will surely rise without a hitch.

Kim Se-jeong
Kim Sejeong is also very suitable for magazine photography. 

Participating in the drama A Business Proposal, Kim Sejeong co-starred with actor Ahn Hyo Seop. The two bring extremely sweet interactions, impressive acting and perfectly portrayed roles. Besides, the male and female lead’s commensurate appearance is also constantly praised. Netizens also likened Kim Sejeong to “Korea’s Emma Stone” because of the smile that revealed the corner of her mouth.

Kim Se-jeong
Kim Sejeong’s heart-melting smile. 

 A Business Proposal continues to be a drama that creates a solid foundation for Kim Sejeong to develop her reputation. Talented and beautiful, the beauty born in 1996 promises to bombard the Korean screen with her next roles.

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