Unveiling the Exclusive Workspace of ODDATELIER’s Chairwoman – BLACKPINK Jennie

The news of Jennie (BLACKPINK) establishing her own company, ODDATELIER, has caused a buzz in recent times. Fans have been particularly curious about the location where the 1996-born chairwoman has set up the representative office. It wasn’t until the morning of February 2 that the first images of the rapper’s private company were revealed, making netizens go wild. It is known that the series of photos were posted on SNS by representatives from various well-known brands after their extensive collaboration with Jennie and their visit to the company.

Upon admiring the newly revealed images, the public showered praise on the modern design that exudes the elegant beauty of the office. Particularly, netizens quickly focused their attention on a sofa chair worth up to $31,665, highlighting the chairwoman’s class. Besides, Jennie has set aside a space for valued guests to leave congratulatory messages on the occasion of the office’s opening. In a recent meeting with new partners, Chairwoman Jennie graciously hosted the guests and prepared meaningful gifts for them.

Source: k14

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