Former 2NE1 Gong Minzy and her collection of fashions that rejects the ordinary 

Former 2NE1 member Gong Minzy never fails to attract attention for her unique fashion sense and interesting color combination. 

On May 25th, Gong Minzy posted on Instagram a photo of herself along with the caption “I look like a human dragon ball”.

In the published photo, the female Kpop artist adorned an orange bodycon dress that boasted her perfect figure. Most eye-catching though, was Minzy’s choice of accessories – a spikey back embellishment that runs along the idol’s spine like a dinosaur.

Gong Minzy’s Instagram update. 

“I’m a little lizard”, she added, recalling the outfits she wore for a previous magazine pictorial. 

Previously, Gong Minzy never hesitated to display her bold fashion sense through various styles and designs. The female idol also disregarded trends in favor of expressing her true personality. 

Another unique fit of Minzy, posted on Instagram on April 28th. 

Through her fashion choices and captions, Gong Minzy’s distinctive sense of humor also stood out. 

The dresses worn by Minzy came from the Belgian fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester, whose design philosophy lies in the “structural transformation of clothing”, and whose experimental style allows for bold asymmetry, as well as separation of fabric and recombination. Gong Minzy shared that her style resembles the direction of this designer, saying: “For me, great fashion is like rock ‘n’ roll, there’s always a little rebellion in it.”

True to her words, the items and patterns Minzy chose are truly one of a kind. 

Minzy’s attire while at the 2022 Coachella. 

In addition, no one can pull off this 2022 look of Minzy at the world’s largest music festival Coachella.

Even in jeans and hoodie, Minzy found a way to be outstanding. 
The lacy pockets set Minzy’s jeans apart from others. 

Gong Minzy, refuses to be ordinary with her unique jeans, has been showing off unconventional looks since her day in 2NE1. Her interesting color combination that exuded splendor used to draw a lot of people’s eyes.

Gong Minzy and her super lit lavender boots. 
Her scarf top is a common item, but Minzy’s choice of head accessories and embellished shorts really stood out. 
Gong Minzy also fired up basic fits with Interesting color combinations. 
The idol was capable of a fairy-like look as well. 

This is why when Gong Minzy published her newest photos, fans easily rejoiced, calling their idol “Queenzy” – a nickname that combines “Queen” and “Minzy”. Other international fans also leave comments like “Looking gorgeous!” and “Amazing!” under the Instagram post. 

A sexy and bold look from Gong Minzy. 

Born in 1994, Gong Minzy debuted as a member of the famous Kpop group 2NE1, alongside Sandara Park, Park Bom, and CL. At the time, she quickly made headlines for her talents and distinct visuals. 

However, Minzy left in 2016 and has been promoted as a solo artist ever since. Recently on April 16, 2022, she reunited with the rest of 2NE1, and brought to life the group’s hit “I Am The Best” at the American music festival Coachella

Source: Wikitree

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