BLACKPINK’s Jennie Bagged 3 Global Campaigns, Sent Stock Price to Peak within 2024’s First 2 Months 

The remarkable impact of BLACKPINK’s Jennie continues to be validated after her global campaigns in the first 2 months of 2024. 

In just two months of 2024, Jennie, of BLACKPINK fame, has driven the success of high-profile global campaigns, notably with Calvin Klein and Chanel. The PVH Corp. stock hit a five-year high following her Calvin Klein Spring/Summer campaign, demonstrating her broad influence. As Chanel’s first Korean ambassador, Jennie has now led 28 global campaigns, proving her significant impact in the fashion industry.

Jennie x Calvin Klein

In the fashion world, collaborations between brands and famous celebrities are no longer new. However, not every campaign can drive the stock value of a corporation to its peak like the case of Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation (PVH) Corp, the parent company of Calvin Klein. This is the delightful effect following the Spring/Summer 2024 campaign, featuring Jennie, which was launched on February 27.

Specifically, following the Spring/Summer 2024 campaign, the stock price of PVH Corp soared to its highest level in the past 5 years. This event not only marked a memorable milestone for Calvin Klein but also served as evidence of Jennie’s massive impact in the fashion industry. 

Jennie sent the stock price of Calvin Klein’s parent company to its peak 
Jennie sent the stock price of Calvin Klein’s parent company to its peak 

The Jennie x Calvin Klein campaign immediately attracted media and public attention thanks to Jennie’s unique and captivating personal style. 

The collaboration between Jennie and Calvin Klein is always regarded as a “golden partnership.” Especially, the effect of the campaign has spread widely, reaching not only the K-pop fan community but also extending beyond the Asian region, reaching audiences worldwide. The hashtag #JenniexCalvinKlein quickly became a hot topic on social media platforms. Many prestigious fashion magazines also praised Jennie without reservation.

Jennie x Chanel

On February 29, Jennie “bagged” a new global campaign with Chanel’s “The Première Watch 2024.” 

Thus, although 2024 has only entered its second month, Jennie has already secured 3 global campaigns with Chanel and Calvin Klein, including: Jennie x Chanel Coco Crush 2024 (January), Jennie x Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2024 (February), Jennie x Chanel The Première Watch 2024 (February).


Jennie now has 28 global campaigns for herself. Among them are 6 collaborative campaigns with Chanel. Additionally, Jennie is known as the first Korean ambassador to have campaigns in all 4 different segments of the luxury brand. 

Source: K14

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