Stars Who Voluntarily Attend Police Investigations: G-Dragon, Jang Hyuk, Han Jae-suk & Lee Mi-sook

Before G-Dragon, there are some Korean celebrities also made voluntary appearances for police investigations

Suspected of taking drugs, G-Dragon expressed his intention to voluntarily attend the police investigation. As such he appeared at Nohyeon Police Station in Incheon to receive the investigation by the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Division on November 6th. Showing up in front of reporters and the public, he confidently denied drug charges, saying “The drug allegations are not true at all”.

g dragon

Coming out of the police station after 4 hours, he said in front of reporters, “I actively cooperated with the investigation by providing necessary statements and hair samples”. When asked about how the investigation was conducted, the male singer jokingly said, “I just laughed for a while and it ended. I’m joking”.

In 2004, actors Jang Hyuk and Han Jae-suk were booked for military service corruption. After staying silent for a while, the two stated that they would make a voluntary attendance at the Seul Metropolitan Police Agency for investigation. During the questioning, the two actors admitted to getting military service exemption illegally with the help of military service broker A.

jang hyuk

After the investigation, Jang Hyuk apologized, saying “I was too worried that I chose the wrong method”. Han Jae-suk acknowledged his wrongdoing and apologized. The two were not punished but they underwent physical examination again and completed military service.

In 2019, Lee Mi-sook voluntarily visited the prosecutor’s office to resolve suspicions surrounding her. At that time, she was suspected of being involved in the case of the late Jang Ja-yeon. In her official position, the actress said, “I’m willing to receive further investigation. The honor of the deceased can be restored in an investigation recognized by all citizens”.

lee mi sook

There were no reports about the case after Lee Mi-sook’s voluntary appearance. However, in September last year, the media revealed that she did not attend the trial of Jang Ja-yeon’s former CEO Kim. Kim Mi-sook issued a stance, saying “The actress has nothing to do with the case and she has already been cleared of charges a long time ago”.

Regardless of whether the allegations are true or not, all the mentioned celebrities were caught up in major incidents that shook the entire Korean entertainment industry. It seems that they decided to make voluntary moves urgently amid the rapid spread of rumors and suspicions.

Source: Daum

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