Jung Joon Young was escorted to prosecutor’s office: Tied with rope, handcuffed, emotionless face

Jung Joon Young’s case is transferred to the prosecutor’s office this morning.

At 7:48 am this morning (March 29), Jung Joon Young was escorted from Jongno Police Station’s jail cell to the Seoul Prosecutor’s Office to officially enter the process of receiving a penalty for filming and distribute illegal sex videos of other girls. Jung‘s case was transferred to the prosecution. This means that prosecutors will receive detailed facts about the case and determine the charges to formally decide the punishment.

This morning, Jung Joon Young wore a black suit and was tied tightly with rope, handcuffed. This is how the police use to control and oppose Korean criminals from one location to another. Despite receiving thousands of reporters’ questions, this time Jung kept quiet and kept his face tired and emotionless. Currently, the police have confirmed the discovery of 13 cases of victims of the distributing sex clips. Yesterday, Seungri and Choi Jong Hoon both acknowledged the act of spreading illegal sex photos of victims in private chatrooms yet Seungri denied the accusation of filming.

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Jung is tied with ropes and handcuffed by the police
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This morning, Jung expressed fatigue and the emotionless face
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He also refused to answer every Korean reporter’s question by being silent

The PR staff of Burning Sun, who is a supporter of Jung Joon Young and the members of the chat group, has placed hidden cameras in the cases of a series of female victims – Mr. Kim also went to the Seoul Prosecutor Office today to receive the penalty like Jung.

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