Red Velvet’s Joy transforms into a police officer who is always busy helping the people of Heedongri village in new drama “A Pastoral Diary”

Kakao TV’s original series “A Pastoral Diary” released still cuts showing Park Soo-young (Red Velvet’s Joy) spending a busy day in the quiet and peaceful rural village Heedongri.

Kakao TV’s original series “A Pastoral Diary” (directed by Kwon Seok-jang/ scripted by Baek Eun-kyung/ planned and produced by Kakao Entertainment), which is scheduled to premiere on September 5th, is a rom-com that tells about Ahn Ja-young (Park Soo-young), a Heedongri villager and “super insider” police officer of this area, and Han Ji-yul (Choo Young-woo), a vet and Seoul native who just wants to escape from Heedongri as soon as possible.

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The character played by Park Soo-young is Ja-young, a police officer who works at the police box in Heedongri. However, the fact that the villagers know her better as “Heedongri’s civil service center” rather than a police officer has raised drama fans’ curiosity about the story. Ja-young is a so-called “problem solver” of Heedongri who always appears and solves every problem that happens anywhere in the village. In particular, Ja-young, who can do literally everything, from performing basic cooking skills, repairing broken things quickly, and making anything people need, is well-loved by the villagers for her outgoing and sociable personality. This lovely “nosy” girl is always full of energy and there is nothing about Heedongri that she doesn’t know.

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Just looking at the still cuts released today (August 15th), Ja-young’s “nosy” daily life was captured in various parts of Heedongri, sometimes in the east and sometimes in the west. As can be seen from the pictures, Ja-young becomes a “friend” of a cute little boy in Heedongri, who pouts his mouth in bad mood, and joins a dog rescuing operation to help Ji-yul, who happens to work as a vet in this village. “Heedongri’s civil service center” does not rest even after she takes off her police uniform and leaves work. She helps her childhood friend Sang-hyeon (Baek Seong-cheol) harvest the peach field and deliver food at a village feast. Ji-yul is seen looking at Ja-young as if he wants to ask “What is this person doing?”. Nevertheless, Ja-young’s face is always full of happiness with her fresh smile. This is all thanks to her affectionate and generous personality and overflowing love for her hometown.

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Park Soo-young took off the image of an influencer who has limited time in her previous drama “The One and Only” and added her unique loveliness to create new charms. She immersed into the character Ahn Ja-young, who is always busy in her police uniform at Heedongri village. 

The production team of “A Pastoral Diary” said, “Park Soo-young perfectly portrays Ahn Ja-young and leads the play well with her own acting that suits the drama as if she was wearing her own costumes. Through this character, Park Soo-young will properly deliver Heedongri’s warm emotions and warm affection to the audience. We hope the viewers can feel the rural romance that they have dreamed of at least once through “A Pastoral Diary”, which will air this September, and gain the confidence and cheerful healing energy spread by Park Soo-young.”

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“A Pastoral Diary” was produced as a 12-episode mid-form drama and its first episode will be released on KakaoTV on September 5th.

Source: daum

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