After her drunk-drinking accident in Gangnam, this idol-actress face plastic surgery allegations

An idol-actress is suspected to have undergone plastic surgery during her self-reflection after a drunk-drinking accident. 

Lizzy (30, real name Park Soo Young), a former member of the girl group “After School“, released a new profile picture and raised suspicions that she had plastic surgery while she was in self-reflection due to a drunk driving controversy.

lizzy profile picture

In particular, Lizzy posted a new profile picture on her Instagram on October 25th. She recently signed an exclusive contract with BK ENT, and is going to start her full-fledged return to the entertainment industry.

In the published photo, Lizzy was wearing a black off-the-shoulder dress and staring at the camera. However, her visuals, which are completely different from usual, started to gain attention.

lizzy profile picture

Some argue that Lizzy may have had plastic surgery while she was self-reflecting after a drunk driving controversy. Needless to say, compared to variety shows in the past, Lizzy’s cute image is now nowhere to be found.

Netizens who saw the new photo left comments like, “Is Lizzy alright?”, “She’s already making a comeback”, “I will still cheer her on”, “I think her face has changed”, “She said she’s going to self-reflect, but went and got plastic surgery?”, “One mistake is enough” , etc. 

lizzy profile picture

Previously in May, Lizzy was indicted and sentenced to a fine of 15 million won for drinking under the influence of alcohol and colliding with a taxi at the southern end of Yeongdong Bridge, near the intersection of Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.


After that, Lizzy stopped working in the entertainment industry and started her self-reflection. In particular, she showed her tears and apologized on an SNS live. 

Recently, Lizzy signed an exclusive contract with a new agency, BK ENT, and announced her full-fledged return to the entertainment industry.

Source: wikitree

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