Red Velvet’s Joy returns to screen, viewers are not so overjoyed 

Red Velvet’s Joy is making her comeback against eerie audience’s reaction.

“Unexpected Country Diary” is a new Korean drama series, adapted from Park Ha Min’s web novel of the same name. The series marks the return of Red Velvet’s Joy as an actress. In the series, Joy plays a countryside police officer who develops a romantic interest with a Seoul-based veterinarian upon their chance encounter. Running parallel with the main couple’s love line is the depiction of happiness and sorrows of Heedong villagers with humane details against a refreshing rural landscape. The series promises to bring a healing story, similar to drama successes taking place in rural areas such as “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” or “Our Blues”. 

Joy Red velvet

Recently, the film producers released teaser photos of Joy in the series. Her character, Ahn Ja Young is a police officer who always appears in times of need. The whole Heedong village are fond of Ja Young and consider her their mediator, able to solve their every conflict or dispute. In these first teasers, viewers can imagine this beautiful police officer riding a familiar bike around the town, keeping a warm smile on her face while helping others. 

red velvet joy
Joy plays Ahn Ja Young – a stern yet caring female police officer 
red velvet joy
She is on the soft side of the Heedong villagers

Upon the photos’ release, netizens show divided reactions. While a large pool of audience are eager for her comeback after the jTBC drama series “The One and Only”, a majority of viewers are expressing their discontent. Though the character is described to be a busy woman, Joy’s appearance is too neat and tidy. They believe her explicitly makeup face is not suited for the countryside setting as well as the nature of the police work. Many viewers even question if she wears heavy makeup out of fear of damaging her own reputation. 

red velvet joy
Joy stands out with a white complexion and pink blush  

Aside from her appearance, many viewers are concerned about her acting. Although a hardworking actress ever since the idol expanded herself into the filming industry, Joy gains little recognition about her status as an actor. She is often criticized for stiff and forced acting performance while her works are disregarded as unsuccessful and commercial. Can Joy make any breakthrough with “Unexpected Country Diary” or will she continue to be stuck as a “mobile flower vase”? 

red velvet joy
Joy is an idol-turned-actress 

Speaking of Joy’s acting performance, the production crew for “Unexpected Country Diary” shares positive thoughts: “Joy surprises the cast members for her more consistent performance than expected. Her characteristic bright and loving-life attitude is a breath of fresh air. Please look forward to her transformation”. 

Image source: Soompi 

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