ILLIT Becomes Fastest K-pop Group to Enter the US Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart 

With their debut song “Magnetic”, HYBE’s latest girl group, ILLIT, has entered the US Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart.

According to the latest chart preview announced by Billboard on April 15 (local time) through their official social media, ILLIT will debut on the “Hot 100” chart (April 20) at 91st place with their mini-album title track “Magnetic.”

With this achievement, ILLIT, who made their debut on March 25, also holds the record for the fastest entry onto the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart by a K-pop artist.


ILLIT’s success has been noticed on other charts as well. Particularly, “Magnetic” was included in Spotify’s “Daily Top Song Global” on the day of its debut and later charted on “Weekly Top Song U.S.” It also maintained its position for the second consecutive week on the UK’s “Official Singles Top 100.” These are unprecedented achievements for a debut song.

Regarding such records, ILLIT’s agency – Belift Lab, explained, “We created the album based on the members’ interviews and storytelling,” adding, “We focused on portraying girls who evoke feelings of wanting to play together, who get overly immersed in the moment, and who dream of the same fantasies as me. Visually, we emphasized a bright and natural look.”

Source: Naver

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