K-netizens Point Out The Biggest Concern Of NewJeans Fans Right Now

Fans are worried as CEO Min Hee-jin mentioned NewJeans in the conflict over management rights between HYBE and ADOR

A netizen made a post on theqoo, saying “The most worrying thing for NewJeans fans right now”, drawing attention. 

The netizen said, “The biggest concern is the relationship between NewJeans and CEO Min Hee-jin”, adding several screenshots of Min Hee-jin posting moments with NewJeans members and even letters she received from NewJeans families.

They added, “NewJeans’s capital source is HYBE. From their point of view, HYBE is the father who provides financial support to the child while Min Hee-jin is a babysitter who has been taking care of them since they were young”.

Pointing out that NewJeans members and even their families have become so close to Min Hee-jin that even fans called the CEO “NewJeans’s mother”, the netizen added, “If all the claims by HYBE are true, the members and their parents might have been persuaded by Min Hee-jin’s opinions. If NewJeans defended Min Hee-jin, the case would become like FIFTY FIFTY.”

Original post: theqoo

In response, other netizens commented:

– This case reminds me of FIFTY FIFTY

– If Min Hee-jin considered NewJeans their real kids, she wouldn’t have put them in the forefront when fighting against HYBE

– It’s possible for her to say that in interviews and statements because she’s a fake mother, not their real mother. Seems like NewJeans and their parents are in a situation where they cannot do anything

– Apologize to the kids. I hope she won’t do anything that scares the members or hurts them

– Kids, it may not be easy but… Don’t worry about the penalties for all those advertisements and stay in HYBEㅠㅠㅠㅠ I want to see you guys for a long timeㅠㅠ

– NewJeans fans can only pray for the members’ parents to make a wise choice…

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