Another look-alike? Filipino girl grows in popularity for striking similarity to BLACKPINK Jennie

A Filipino girl is garnering attention for looking “extremely similar” to Jennie of BLACKPINK.  

Recently, a Filipino girl named Rowena Padua has become a sensation on social media for possessing features that remind viewers of BLACKPINK Jennie. More confusingly, when Rowenda uploaded a TikTok dancing video, many users mistook her for the BLACKPINK main rapper. Currently, Rowena’s Instagram has attracted around 24,000 additional followers. 

Rowena Padua jennie
Rowena Padua (right) caused a sensation for looking like Jennie 

Many netizens said Rowena resembled the BLACKPINK Jennie in terms of her cat-like eyes, small nose, and plump cheeks. Her makeup style and poses also greatly resemble the “SOLO” singer.

Rowena Padua
Rowena Padua has a visual and aura similar to BLACKPINK Jennie 

The impact of being Jennie’s look-alike is tremendous. After the news spread far and wide, many brands approached Rowena and offered to work with her. More lucrative advertisement deals have brought more streams of income the Filipino girl could wish for. 

Rowena Padua  
Looking like Jennie brought Rowena Padua more financial opportunities 

Source: k14 

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