Yoo Ah-in Appointed ‘Drug Case Expert’ Lawyers Ahead Of First Trial On Dec 12th 

Actor Yoo Ah-in hired a super-luxury defense team with 8 lawyers for the first trial of his drug charges

The November 28th broadcast of MBC’s current affairs program “PD Note” highlighted Yoo Ah-in’s drug scandal.

Yoo Ah-in is accused of administering several kinds of drugs, including propofol, marijuana, cocaine, ketamine, zolpidem, midazolam and alprazolam, from September 2020 to March 2022. The actor is also suspected of illegally receiving prescriptions for sleeping pills under someone else’s name.

On November 19th, Yoo Ah-in was sent to prosecution without detention on various charges, including habitually taking drugs, illegally purchasing sleeping pills, smoking marijuana and guiding, as well as guiding evidence destruction. 

The first trial was postponed from November 15th to December 12th as Yoo Ah-in’s lawyer team submitted an application to change the trial date to appoint additional lawyers on November 10th. The court accepted it and that’s why the trial was delayed for a month.

According to “PD Note”, lawyer A of Yoo Ah-in’s defense team worked in the prosecution for 27 years and used to serve as Chief of the Narcotics Division of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, Chief Prosecutor at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office and the Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office. Therefore, A was famous as a master in dealing drug cases.


On “PD Note”, announcer Oh Seung-hoon asked, “Is it possible for Yoo Ah-in to get a lower-level sentence and not be detained with his powerful legal team?”. In response, attorney Kim Hee-joon of Gwangju District Prosecutor’s Office stated, “He won’t be detained because he’s a first-time offense and it’s a simple drug case with simple drugs.” Earlier, the prosecution requested an arrest warrant for Yoo Ah-in twice in May and September but the court rejected them all due to lack of evidence.

Lawyer Kim continued, “Since his lawyers have many practical experiences in drug cases, they know how the investigation proceeds. They can give very precise advice. It is highly likely that the actor will get better results.”

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah-in dropped out of Netflix’s “Hellbound 2” due to the drug scandal. It is unknown whether his scheduled films “Hi.5” and “The Match” will premiere.

Source: Daum

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