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The apartment that BTS’s Jungkook gifted to his older brother jumped from 2.9 billion to 4 billion won

Jungkook’s love for his brother was revealed. 

In the latest episode of Mnet’s ‘TMI NEWS SHOW‘, which was broadcast on August 24th, the story of Jungkook giving his older brother a 4 billion won apartment as a present was mentioned. 

jungkook tmi news show

MC Boom said, “The apartment that Jungkook gifted to his brother is known as apartment Y located in Yongsan-gu. It is a luxury apartment with a monthly maintenance fee of 800,000 won. How much did Jungkook purchase this apartment for? At that time, in July 2019, the market price of apartment Y was about 2.98 billion won.”

Boom continued, “Then, how much has the price of apartment Y risen in 2022? It’s in Yongsan and there’s Yongsan Park behind it. It now costs about 4 billion won.” 

Admiring Jungkook’s generosity, Boom then drew laughter by jokingly saying, “Jungkook ah… I’m your lost brother… Call me. I want to talk!”

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