tvN’s “Eve” ratings reach 4.2%, placing 1st in the same time slot and is its highest viewer rating record

tvN’s “Eve” broke its own rating record following being the highest ratings among series of the same time slot.

According to Nielsen Korea on Jun 24th, the 8th episode of tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Eve” recorded an average rating of 4.2% and a maximum rating of 5.4%. This is the highest among series on all channels in the Seoul metropolitan area, and the highest rating until now for “Eve” as well.

In the broadcast on this day, Lee Ra-el (Seo Ye-ji) is seen manipulating the lives of people in her revenge plane, including Kang Yoon-gyeom (Park Byung-eun), Han Sora (Yoo Seon), Jang Jin-wook (Lee Ha-yul), as planned.


Just like how Ra-el planned, Sora tried to find out her husband’s mistress by taking advantage of the hit-and-run accident that she caused while trying to find her husband Yoon-gyeom’s love affair partner. In response, Sora sought the driver by issuing a wanted stolen car, saying the car she hit was originally her car, but the bodyguard whom Yoon-gyeom assigned to protect Ra-el didn’t mention anything about Ra-el’s name. Eventually, Sora called the VIP in the bodyguard’s cell phone, to which Ra-el answered, “I’ll meet you. Tomorrow at 12 o’clock, I’ll go to your place,’ suggesting a meeting on condition that the bodyguard is released.


The next day, a birthday party was held for Yoon-gyeom and Sora’s daughter Kang Da-bi (Noh Ha-yeon), and Sora waited until 12 o’clock, but she could not find any strange woman. At this time, Ra-el wore a necklace gifted to her by Yoon-gyeom and joined the birthday party with a colorful appearance. However, Sora, who does not know what Rael’s change means, expressed her anger to Ra-el, saying that her husband’s mistress who decided to come did not appear.


At that moment, Ra-el revealed herself to Sora. Ra-el said, “Your birthday was our first day together. He’s a man I don’t want to miss,” she said, revealing that Yoon-gyeom’s extramarital mistress was her. Upon hearing this, Sora turned pale with anger and said, “I’ll tear your heart apart. Feel the pain in the world. I’d rather let you beg me to kill you.” Ra-el laughed, “I’ll give you some homework. Now why don’t you think about why this happened to you? If you come up with an answer, I can be a little bit easier on you,” threatening Sora.


Later, Ra-el announced to Yoon-gyeom that Sora has found out about them. Yoon Gyeom had succeeded in deceiving his father Kang Bon-geun (Lee Seung-chul) and his father-in-law Han Pan-ro (Jeon Kuk-hwan), who had suppressed him, and announcing the listing of LY Pay in New York with a 100% stake, but even at that moment, he only had Ra-el in his head. However, Ra-el only pushed back, saying, “We’re done,” and Yoon-gyeom couldn’t control his emotions when he saw a letter containing Piazzola’s bandoneon and comforting words from Ra-el.

All of this was Ra-el’s strategy to mess with Yoon-gyeom’s head. Ra-el went to visit Yoon-gyeom, and he held her in his arms. At this time, Ra-el’s husband Jang Jin-wook, who came with her to the scene as she asked him to, was angry when he saw Yoon-gyeom holding his wife. Yoon-gyeom tried to calm Jang Jin-wook down, but soon he lost his mind and began to rage at Yoon-gyeom’s behavior that seemed to be touching Ra-el without her consent. Yoon-gyeom even expressed how he wanted Ra-el to divorce Jang Jin-wook, saying, “I can’t cut ties with you like this.”


At the end of the episode, Ra-el’s plan was revealed. When Seo Eun-pyeong (Lee Sang-yeop) asked about her intention of suddenly disappearing in the past, Ra-el said, “I was waiting for the critical point (the moment when the water overflows),” adding, “Human is like water. When we reach our critical point, we lose our reason and do things we shouldn’t do,” she said, revealing her plan to use that weakness to change the fate of multiple targets.

At the end, Ra-el smiled coolly as if everything was flowing according to her plan.

Source: Daum

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