Jang Wonyoung Mentions Public Scrutiny towards Female Idols in IVE’s New Song 

As a lyricist for one of IVE’s new songs, Jang Wonyoung has taken inspiration from her experience of being a female idol.

On April 29, IVE will drop their new EP “I’VE SWITCH”, raising expectations. Ahead of this release, IVE participated in an interview with Nylon magazine, sharing their various thoughts. 

Here, Jang Wonyoung, who participated in the lyrics for “Blue Heart”, one of the songs on the new EP, reveals her source of inspiration to be her work in the idol industry. 

jang won young

“People in the world [are] very aggressive to us”, Wonyoung said, adding, “So some girls choose an icy blue heart more than a warm red heart so you can be strong.”

It seems that through “Blue Heart”, Jang Wonyoung plans to allude to the excessive public scrutiny often faced by female idols in the K-pop industry. 

Source: Nylon, X

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