“Your feet are like pig’s trotters”… The reason for absurd comments on Seolhyun’s Instagram story 

Seolhyun’s unique shoes caught the attention.

On May 26th, Seolhyun posted a full body mirror selfie on her Instagram story. Seolhyun looks elegant in a long denim skirt and a white knitted top. She also wore a headband, adding to her lovely and innocent charm. 

seolhyun instagram

After Seolhyun shared this picture, many fans paid attention to her unique shoes, leaving comments such as “Your feet look like pig’s feet”, “The shoes make me think of jokbal (a dish of pig’s trotters)”. Fans hilariously made fun of Seolhyun wearing Japanese tabi shoes, which are also known as jokbal shoes in Korea. The shoes have a special design with a split between the big toe and the rest of the toes. They look a bit weird, but they are super comfortable to wear. 


Besides funny comments on her shoes, there are also a lot of reactions admiring Seolhyun’s beauty that makes her look good in anything, such as “God Seolhyun can even pull off shoes like that” and “I don’t notice the shoes because I only see her pretty face and body.”

Meanwhile, Seolhyun recently appeared as one of the leads in tvN’s drama “The Killer’s Shopping List”, which aired its finale on May 19th. 


Source: nate

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