NewJeans’ “Ditto” is conquering Korean music charts, a “fair” line distribution?

NewJeans’ latest release “Ditto” is already topping charts and going viral among netizens with various discussions. 

On December 19th, NewJeans released 2 MVs for their new song “Ditto”. The song, in which member Minji contributed to the music, boasts a winter atmosphere of the old times and arouses feelings of nostalgia. The song is a pre-release ahead of NewJeans’ 2nd album “OMG”, which will be unveiled in January 2023. 

NewJean’s “Ditto” (side A) MV

Within just 2 hours after its release, “Ditto” reached the top of MelOn’s Real-time chart, setting a new record for the group. It is also the fastest girl group song to achieve No.1 on MelOn’s Top 100 chart, and even recently recorded a “real-time all-kill” by getting first place in all popular music platforms in South Korea. 

newjeans ditto
“Ditto” is staying on top of the MelOn Top 100 chart and has achieved Realtime All-Kill 

“Ditto” has also become a hot topic across various global SNS platforms, and the line distribution of the song is also drawing attention. In particular, Vietnamese member Hanni has the longest singing time with 38.8 seconds, followed by Danielle with 37 seconds. Meanwhile, Haerin’s parts amount to 30.5 seconds, and Minji and Hyein sing for 24 and 20.4 seconds, respectively. 

newjeans ditto line distribution
The line distribution of “Ditto” by NewJeans

In general, most fans seem to be pleased with such line distribution, even describing it as among the fairest in Kpop. There are several complaints that Hyein deserves more singing time, but overall, comments have been positive. 

All in all, with “Ditto”, NewJeans has once again proven themselves as a “monster rookie” that is taking Kpop by storm. 

newjeans ditto

Source: k14

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