TWICE is irritated as they can’t remove JYP’s voice from their new song

What if the opening part of TWICE’s new song is no longer the voice of the president of JYP?

TWICE has made a comeback on June 9 with the album Taste Of Love, which included the title track Alcohol-Free. TWICE’s comeback focuses on a new and fresh summer concept. “Alcohol-Free” is a summer-themed dance song that incorporates hip-hop and bossa nova (a samba genre). 

JYP president Park Jin Young continues to contribute significantly to the composition of Alcohol-Free. On June 14, Jihyo, Dahyun, Mina, and Jeongyeon, four members of TWICE, went on SBS’ Choi Hwa Jeong’s Power Time radio show and shared about many things related to the song as well as J.Y.Park. 

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When being asked why there is a whisper of JYP in the song, Jeongyeon said, “Maybe he wants to brag about it as his song.”

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“There was no whisper when we recorded it,” Mina added, “but there was in the final version.” TWICE members look to be perplexed as to why the president of JYP’s voice emerges at the start of the song.

Jihyo even laughed and said, “We can’t ask to take it away”.  And so on behalf of TWICE, fans quickly deleted JYP’s whisper and replaced it with TWICE’s own voice.


Fans after hearing the new intro version of alcohol-free are more excited:

– It feels different.

– Great as always.

– Much more reasonable.

– It sounds so luxurious!

– JYP seems to love himself so much. Please don’t add your voice to any more song!

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