Expected to surpass “Squid Game”, Netflix’s new series “All of Us Are Dead’ received mixed reactions from critics and netizens

People are paying interest in the new Netflix original zombie drama produced in Korea.

Netflix’s new original series “All Of Us Are Dead,” based on the webtoon of the same name, tells the story of students struggling to survive in the high school where the zombie virus has spread.

all of us are dead

On January 27th, critics’ reviews of the work, which has not yet been released, are drawing attention in the online community. Some expected it to surpass Netflix’s “Squid Game,” which has gained worldwide popularity, while others said the cast’s acting skills in the role of students were lacking.

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all of us are dead

On January 26th (local time), Irish reporter Pierce Conran expressed his pity by giving the drama two points out of five. He pointed out that the development of the story at the start of the drama is considerable, but similar content is repeated throughout the 12 episodes, making it become boring. At the same time, he praised the emergence of moral perspectives on historical and social events such as Korea’s May 18 Democratization Movement and the Sewol accident. It is a drama worth thinking about. Earlier, reporter Conran gave 4.5 points for “Squid Game,” “D.P.” and “Hell,” 3 points for “My Name,” 1 point for “Jirisan,” 4 points for “Happiness,” and 2 points for “Sea of Silence.

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On the same day, Rama, a member of the Hollywood Critics Association, a reporter and YouTuber, commented, “There was the earth-shattering ‘Squid Game” last year and now trust me, this has the potential to become the next big sensation.” The boringness Pierce Conran mentioned was praised as, “This show doesn’t have a single boring minute but the writers do allow the story some room to breathe with a powerful emotional character depth that navigates the loss of innocence and the complexity of teen crush in the middle of an apocalypse.”

After the premiere held on January 26th, the reactions of Korean viewers are also conflicting. An online community user pointed out the lack in acting skills of student-role actors after watching episodes 1 to 3 of “All Of Us Are Dead.” He also expressed regret over the drama’s directing and selection of BGM. At the same time, he praised the teacher-role actors’ acting skills in zombie makeup.

all of us are dead

Like Kim Eun-hee’s drama “Kingdom,” which showed off her potential as a “K-Zombie” master around the world, “All Of Us Are Dead” is known to have maximized viewers’ immersion by realizing the bloodshot eyes, blood-stained faces, and strangely twisted zombies.

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Community users are showing various reactions. Some say that the drama is a must-watch, others say it falls short of expectations, showing the sharply divided online responses.

Netflix’s “All Of Us Are Dead” will be released on Netflix at 5 p.m. on January 28th.

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