Jay Park commented on Hwang Hee Chan’s goal celebration, “This fashion, I did it first. I’m sorry…”

Singer Jay Park wittily showed support for the Korean national soccer team.

On the afternoon of December 3rd, Jay Park posted photos cheering for Korea on his Instagram story.

In particular, he posted a photo of the Korean national soccer team expressing their joy of victory, alongside the caption, “Really cool”. In addition, he also showed respect for the scene where Hwang Hee Chan took off his top and celebrated, saying, “You’re cool”.

jay park instagram

Earlier in Korea’s match against Portugal, Son Heung Min received the ball and sprinted, waiting for Hwang Hee Chan, who was running from behind. The ball was then passed to Hwang Hee Chan, who scored the winning goal, and took off his uniform while running to the stands to celebrate. 

In response, Jay Park looked at Hwang Hee Chan’s celebration and wittily said, “I wore this fashion first.” He also attached a photo of himself wearing a top similar to that of Hwang Hee Chan while he appeared on “Infinity Challenge” in the past. At the bottom of the photo, Jay Park also made viewers laugh with a smaller caption that reads, “I’m really sorry”. 

jay park instagram

On December 3rd (Korea time), the National Korean soccer team won 2-1 against Portugal in the final match of Group H at the 2022 Qatar World Cup. With this win, the team managed to advance to the World Cup’s round of 16. 

On December 6th, Korea will face Brazil, and the match will be aired at 4 am (KST).


Source: Nate 

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