“Running Man” Kim Jong Kook met BTS Jimin by chance in the US, but he couldn’t pay for the meal?

Kim Jong Kook revealed that he had met BTS Jimin in the United States.

On October 13th, a video titled “Idols in their 20s and idol 27 years ago (Feat. LE SSERAFIM)” was published on Kim Jong Kook’s official YouTube channel GYM JONG KOOK. 

In the video, Kim Jong Kook had a conversation with the crew while waiting for LE SSERAFIM to arrive. “Among all female idols, Apink is the closest I can talk to”, the singer said. 

Kim Jong Kook

Then, the production team told Jong Kook, “A lot of HYBE idols appeared on GYM JONG KOOK, from fromis_9 to TXT, to which the singer said jokingly, “Only BTS remains”, causing laughter. 

Kim Jong Kook

Kim Jong Kook then expressed that he’s looking forward to BTS’ appearance and said into the camera, “It’s time for you guys to appear. My brother Jae Suk came too.” 

Hearing this, the production team asked, “Didn’t you say you met (BTS) when you went to America?”, prompting Kim Jong Kook to tell the story of meeting BTS Jimin in America.

Kim Jong Kook

“I was eating on the street in LA, so I didn’t realize it, but the manager recognized him and said that Jimin was there”, Kim Jong Kook said. 

Then, he continued, “I was just going to pass by because I was afraid it would be uncomfortable”, and revealed that Jimin was very kind and sent him a DM that day. 

Kim Jong Kook

“I met him in a hurry, and couldn’t greet him properly,” Jong Kook admitted, adding, “Normally when I meet my juniors or something like this, I will pay for their meal and go, but I wasn’t able to do it.”

Source: daum

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