Min Hee-jin “Tell me not to talk about NewJeans? How can I not talk about them?”

ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin, who is under scrutiny for allegations of "management rights usurpation" from HYBE, clarified her position once again through a radio interview

ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin mentioned the controversial press conference the day before on CBS Radio’s “Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show” on the morning of April 26th, saying, “Through this incident, I realized many things. I don’t want to speak ill of HYBE intentionally. The press conference was an opportunity that could be the first and last for me, and I wanted to speak honestly rather than decorate myself.”

She continued, “I thought that this is what people do when they try to dip someone with bad language. I learned many things. Context is crucial in every conversation. Isn’t the content of the KakaoTalk messages released by HYBE excluded from the context of when the conversation took place? I don’t know if imagination becomes a sin. This isn’t something that only happens to me. I am someone who must follow HYBE’s decisions. I can’t do anything with my stake. Naturally, I didn’t attempt anything (to usurp management rights).”

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Regarding the suspicion that ILLIT copied NewJeans’ concept, Min Hee-jin confessed, “I’m not saying that I’m exceptional. It’s a characteristic of contemporary culture to reinterpret various sources that have been previously introduced into one’s own style. It’s not just about claiming something as solely mine. If I feel that what I’m creating resembles or feels like something else, there’s an issue.”

She added, “That’s why I raised the issue. I thought that the line had been crossed. This objection is not necessarily just for us. It feels like they’re trying to portray Min Hee-jin as ‘overinflated ego’ right now, but this is just my natural way of speaking. I think it’s too cruel to pick out angles that my detractors would like and throw them one by one.”

Lastly, CEO Min Hee-jin emphasized, “I don’t understand why HYBE is doing this when NewJeans’ comeback schedule is not far off. Even one member comforted me, ‘CEO, just imagine that you’re shooting a drama right now.’ Some people tell me not to talk about NewJeans, but how can I not talk about NewJeans? And even if I stay still, don’t they call me ‘NewJeans’ mom’?

She expressed her anger, “I’m not selling NewJeans. Isn’t everything connected? HYBE prevents me from speaking about things that are connected, even revealing my personal KakaoTalk.”

Source: Nate

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