“It’s sad that we can’t date each other”… Dr. Oh Eun-young’s serious advice to NCT Mark’s fan

A fan of NCT Mark expressed extraordinary pain, saying, “I’m suffering because I like him so much.”

NCT Mark-Circle House

The March 24th broadcast of SBS’ entertainment program “Circle House” featured a fan called Deoksoonie (pseudonym), who enthusiastically supports NCT Mark.

Deoksoonie surprised the cast by revealing that she spent the price of two luxury bags to get a chance to have a two-minute video call with Mark.

Deoksoonie explained that the more albums you purchase, the higher the probability of winning a video call with your favorite singer.

She astonished people by saying that she sometimes spent 200% of her monthly salary.

Dr. Oh Eun-young asked, “It’s not a problem because you did it with your own money. What part distressed you?”

Deoksoonie replied, “The most painful thing is that I can’t get any closer to him. It’s very sad. Not being able to date… Why isn’t he next to me?”

However, Deoksoonie added, “Mark shines the brightest when he’s an artist, so if he asks me out, I’ll refuse.”

Upon hearing this, Dr. Oh Eun-young diagnosed Deoksoonie‘s feelings as “pseudo-romantic feelings”.

Dr. Oh Eun-young gave serious advice, “The person Deoksoonie likes is NCT Mark, not Lee Min-hyung in real life. If you don’t distinguish this, you may have great difficulties. Cheer for Mark, but don’t be obsessed with human Lee Min-hyung.”

Meanwhile, “Circle House” is a “public counseling project” talk show that candidly shares realistic concerns experienced by the MZ generation in Korea and finds solutions with applicants.

NCT Mark
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