Will Lee Sun-kyun Be Removed From Pending Projects Due To Drug Scandal Like Yoo Ah In? 

Seems like Lee Sun-kyun’s 22-year acting career is going in vain due to the drug investigation

On October 20th, the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency announced that Lee Sun-kyun is among eight people who were recently booked for an internal investigation on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act. The internal investigation is the step to determine whether an official investigation should be launched, and the police reportedly found evidence of Lee Sun-kyun’s drug use.

Since Lee Sun-kyun had participated in various box-office hits for the past 22 years without a scandal, the public was greatly shocked by the controversy this time. As his agency did not deny the drug allegations in their official statement, numerous fans are expressing disappointment. Many criticized the actor, saying they felt a sense of betrayal knowing a married actor was involved in drug use at entertainment establishments. In addition, public rage increased as Hwang Ha-na and Han Seo-hee, who took drugs with Park Yoo-chun and BIG BANG’s T.O.P, were also subject to the internal investigation together with Lee Sun-kyun.

Lee Sun-kyun’s unexpected drug use is causing his next projects to suffer great damage. “Project Silence” and “The Land of Happiness” are his upcoming films. The drama “No Way Out” will begin filming soon and Lee Sun-kyun’s appearance in Apple TV+’s “Dr. Brain Season 2” has also been confirmed.

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In particular, Lee Sun-kyun is expected to appear as an upright soldier in “The Land of Happiness”, which also stars Jo Jung-suk and Yoo Jae-myung. The movie has completed the filming for its second half and is waiting to be released.

“Project Silence” is a blockbuster disaster film of 18 billion won. In this film, Lee Sun-kyun will play an employee of the presidential office and portray a touching father-daughter story with Kim Soo-an. However, the film’s premiere has been postponed indefinitely due to Lee Sun-kyun’s drug controversy. The production and distribution companies are also nervously waiting for the result of the internal investigation.

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Lee Sun-kyun already confirmed his appearance in STUDIO X+U’s new series “No Way Out” and the filming was about to begin. The actor was cast to play a police officer who protects citizens in this drama. This is also the first Korean drama chosen by famous Taiwanese actor Greg Hsu. Although the drama’s first shoot is set for October 22nd, the production team is also watching the police investigation closely to discuss whether they should replace the main character actor.  “Dr. Brain 2” production has not yet begun and the staff is also observing the situation.

Movie and drama industry officials are shaking and wondering whether Lee Sun-kyun will end up being removed from all the projects due to a drug scandal like Yoo Ah-in.

Source: Nate

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