Agency revealed position on Apink’s contract, which expires in April of the group’s 12th year

The future of girl group Apink, which debuted 12 years ago and boasts impressive longevity, is drawing huge interest. 

On February 23rd, Apink’s agency, IST Entertainment, issued an official position through multiple media outlets and announced, “Our exclusive contract with Apink will expire at the end of April. We are constantly discussing with the members about renewing the contract.”


Meanwhile, Apink debuted in April 2011, and will be celebrating their 12th anniversary this year.

Excluding original member Hong Yoo Kyung, who withdrew after 2 years of activities, remaining Apink members all renewed their contracts in 2017, breaking the “7-year-curse” that idol groups often experience. Then, in 2022, Son Na Eun, who transferred to YG Entertainment, left the group, turning Apink into a 5-member system.


Although the existing member composition has undergone several changes, Apink has been steadily active for more than 10 years and has earned the title of “longevity idol” (idol who has been active for a long time).

Now that 5 members Kim Nam Joo, Park Cho Rong, Oh Ha Young, Yoon Bo Mi, and Jung Eun Ji have worked together as Apink for 12 years, attention is being focused on whether they will continue to renew their contracts. 

As Apink is among the few groups that have been active for over 10 years, many people hope that they will stay together. 


In addition, it was recently announced that Apink will be making a comeback with a mini-album, raising expectations that the group will continue with each other. 

On the other hand, Apink, which became popular with songs such as “I Don’t Know”, “Mr. Chu”, “NoNoNo”, “%%”, “Dumhdurum” and “I’m So Sick,” has been on a break since they released the special album “Horn” in 2022.

In April, after a year and two months, they will return to the music industry as a full group.

Source: wikitree

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