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Seol Min-seok, who is on a roll after history distortion and plagiarism controversies, joined hands with Han Ga-in

History lecturer Seol Min-seok, who was embroiled in controversy, is preparing to return to broadcasting.

YTN Star exclusively reported on May 7th that Seol Min-seok will release his new historical content on OTT (Over The Top). According to the report, the first filming will be held on the same day, and actress Han Ga-in will also appear on this show.

Seol Min-seok‘s return to broadcasting is about a year and six months after he dropped out of all programs due to controversy over thesis plagiarism in December 2020.

At the time of the controversy, Seol Min-seok was appearing on history-related programs under his name, including MBC’s “Those Who Cross the Line”, EBS’s “History of Seol Min-seok” and tvN’s “Seol Min-seok’s Naked World History”. At that time, while doing “Seol Min-seok’s Naked World History”, he was embroiled in controversies over history distortion and plagiarism. After dropping out of all shows, he worked independently.

He is quietly on a roll even after leaving all shows, as his books for children’s readers such as “Seol Min-seok’s Great Adventure in Korean History“, “Seol Min-seok’s Special Lecture on Korean History“, “Seol Min-seok’s Joseon Dynasty Annals” and “Seol Min-seok’s Three Kingdoms” are known to be on the top of the bestseller list.

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