K-netizens dug up heartbreaking stories of Nako (IZ*ONE) being isolated during her debut days, “How could they treat a 13-year-old kid like that?”

Ever since her debut, Yabuki Nako has been isolated and mistreated because other people were jealous of her popularity.

Together with Honda Hitomi, Yabuki Nako decided to return to Japan after the disbandment of IZ*ONE instead of finding a new chance to debut in another Korean company like Miyawaki Sakura. However, rumors about Nako being bullied and isolated by HKT48 members after her return from Korea have caused a stir among Korean netizens.

Yabuki Nako bullied

An article collecting all unreasonable events that happened between Yabuki Nako and HKT48 was posted on Nate Pann and attracted more than 200.000 views, 2.000 votes, and 350 comments from Korean netizens in only half a day. The post’s author listed out several shocking stories, such as Nako finding out her AirPods in the dorm’s garbage after losing it for over a week, HKT48 members’ attitudes when Nako unintentionally spoke Korean while giving an explanation in Japanese, and an interview in which HKT48 mocked Nako (and Sakura) while the two were still promoting for IZ*ONE, etc. Upon hearing these stories, netizens burst with frustration thinking of how other members are being jealous of Nako’s popularity.

Yabuki Nako bullied
Yabuki Nako bullied

Amidst the controversies, Korean netizens recently brought up a hurtful story of when Yabuki Nako had just debuted with HKT48. Many people raised questions wondering whether this former member of IZ*ONE – Nako has been isolated and mistreated for owning outstanding talents and being favored by other celebrities.

“Right after passing the audition, Nako was chosen for the leader position of the next generation by her company. That’s why they tried to push Nako’s activities.

The most famous member Sashihara Rino also liked Nako, and she even took care of Nako in her program.

Because of this, fans of other members got angry, so they united in isolating Nako in the group’s handshake event. (They threatened to cause disadvantages to anyone who would come to Nako’s handshake event. As a result, no one showed up at Nako’s event.)

On the birthday of every member, HKT48 will hold an event to celebrate the day. However, on Nako’s 13th birthday, many fans of other members aged from 40 to 50 came to the event and swore at Nako with rude words, such as, “I don’t understand why a girl with no talent and popularity like you was chosen. Go die”. In the end, Nako burst into tears and had to apologize on the stage.”

“I’m sorry that a lacking Nako like me was chosen. I will try my best to become more famous.” – Nako

This story from nearly 10 years ago still makes Korean netizens shudder and feel sad when thinking about how people in their 40s and 50s can say such harsh words to a kid who is only of their grandchildren’s age.  However, in a more positive way, many people believe that the jealousy that Nako has been facing is the most valuable compliment for her success.

  •  “ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Nako ah “
  •  “Really shocking… What the hell did they do to a 13 year old kid..?”
  •  “I watched the video of Nako sobbing because no one came to shake her hands but didn’t expect something like this to happen behind the scenes… Wasn’t she just in elementary school then??
  •  “I never understood the Japanese fan culture… Nako-ah, go back to Korea”
  •  “This is Nako’s video at the handshake event, everyone should consider before watching because it will be heartbreaking… The other members were all shaking hands with fans but Nako was the only one looking at her phone. Actually it looks like she was just looking for something to do rather than practice dancing.. After many years, that kid has become the one to highest earner and most popular in the group, that’s why other members get so jealous of her.”
Yabuki Nako bullied
  • This is HKT48’s new song as Nako is not only the center but also in the thumbnailㅋㅋㅋㅋ Jealousy is truly the most valuable compliment ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Yabuki Nako bullied
  • “Member Miku who was promoted along with Nako before is really controversial. She seems to hate Nako a lot ㅋㅋㅋㅋ But she still pretends to be close in front of her, it’s scary”
Yabuki Nako bullied

 (After the controversial Instagram post, in 2019, Tanaka Miku wrote the birth dates of Sakura and Nako on her Instagram profile with a line that reads “Really hate them”)

  • “After researching, I realized that this girl Miku’s personality is really strange. Here Nako wore the in-ear given to her by WIZ*ONE on an HKT stage. Miku saw that and immediately wore her in-ear in such a weird way and stepped onto the stage…I can’t understand her;;”
Yabuki Nako bullied
  •  “Our precious Nako… It’s heartbreaking to read news like this about her. Is there any company that can bring her to Korea ㅠㅠ”
Yabuki Nako bullied

Meanwhile, HKT48 recently announced their comeback with the 2nd album “Do Love Me.” This product is the clearest proof of Yabuki Nako’s popularity after returning from Korea as she will be the center of this album. In the teaser video posted on HKT48’s official YouTube channel, the image of the former IZ*ONE member is also used as a thumbnail.

Yabuki Nako bullied
Yabuki Nako bullied
Yabuki Nako bullied
Yabuki Nako bullied
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