“Get out of Running Man”… Jeon So-min stuffed malicious commenter on SNS

Actress Jeon So-min (36 years old) stuffed a malicious commenter who left malicious comment on her SNS.

Jeon So-min recently posted a video on Instagram with the caption “A good brother who plays with his younger sister. Today we have to watch Running Man and Cleaning Up as well!! SBS at 5 PM, JTBC at 10:30 PM“. This is a friendly video of singer Haha (real name Ha Dong-hoon, 42 years old) playing pranks in the swimming pool. Haha showed their strong bond as he commented, “I’m a good brother!!!! I’m close to you!

However, a foreigner left a comment telling Jeon So-min to leave SBS’ “Running Man“, “Please, get out of Running Man.” Jeon So-min “stuffed” this comment to the top through the “pin” function.

Jeon So-min and Yang Se-chan joined as new members of SBS’ entertainment program “Running Man” in April 2017.

Source: nate

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