BIBI Receives Surprise Gift From BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Fans Raise Hope For Collaboration

Singer BIBI amazed fans and netizens as she revealed proof shots of the gift she recently received from BLACKPINK’s Jennie

On April 22nd, BIBI released a video and photos showing the gift she received from BLACKPINK’s Jennie, drawing keen attention. She added the caption, “Thank you, Jennie”.

The released video shows BIBI carefully approaching the doll in a gift box. BIBI was very surprised when the light went on as she touched the doll, so she smiled happily.

BIBI then added a photo of herself wearing the sunglasses gift from Jennie. In particular, Jennie even left a message card for BIBI. 

In response to this unexpected interaction between Jennie and BIBI, many fans commented seeing they wanted to see the two’s collaboration.

Meanwhile, BIBI recently gained huge love for her hit song “Bam Yang Gang”. She also made headlines by performing at the 2024 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The female singer also completed her fan concert successfully.

Source: nate

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