Kim Seonho Returns to Theater, Cast in ‘Realise Happiness’ 

Kim Seonho is making a comeback to the theater stage

The casting lineup for the play ‘Realise Happiness’ (written and directed by Oh Inha) was announced on October 20th. Kim Seonho is among the 10 actors of the cast.

‘Realise Happiness’ carries a message to all of us who regret and reflect on our lives yet repeat the same mistakes. It tells a story about the preciousness of loved ones.

kim seon ho

Adapted from the 2019 play ‘Memory in Dream,’ set in Korea. Kim Seonho is playing Eden from the original production.

This time, his character is Kim Woojin, adapted for a Korean setting. Woojin aspires to be a photographer and lives each day earnestly. Lee Dongha and An Wooyeon have also been cast in the same roles.

Kim Seulgi and former gugudan member Kim Nayoung were selected for the female lead role of Lee Eunsoo. Eunsoo is an art gallery docent and curator. She meets the warm-hearted Woojin as if by fate in unfamiliar Seoul.

Meanwhile, ‘Realise Happiness’ will be performed starting from December 5th.

Source: dispatch

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