“The Glory” Heo Dong Won Reveals His Beautiful Non-Celebrity Wife for the First Time 

Actor Heo Dong Won has recently garnered attention for sharing his wedding photos on Instagram. 

On March 30th, “The Glory” actor Heo Dong Won posted new photos with his bride, expressing his gratitude with a heart emoji. 


This is the first time he has unveiled his wife’s face, and netizens couldn’t help but be stunned by her stunning celebrity-like beauty.

Heo Dong Won tied the knot with his non-celebrity girlfriend on April 1st, and their wedding was held at a hotel in Gangnam, Seoul. The couple was blessed with the attendance of their close friends, who sang congratulatory songs and wished them a happy marriage.


Heo Dong Won previously announced his marriage, saying, “My parents always said, ‘I’m worried that you’ll bring a daughter from a precious family and make her suffer.’ Please encourage me and my bride-to-be, who will be my most precious friend in my life.”

Meanwhile, Heo Dong Won played the role of Teacher Chu in Netflix’s “The Glory,” who quarrels with Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo). He has also appeared in Disney+’s “Casino”, movies “The Outlaws” and “The Roundup”. 

Source: Nate

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