Veteran Actor Lee Sung-min, “The First Concert I Ever Went To Was BTS Suga’s, I Respect Him So Much”

Lee Sung-min and Lee Jeong-eun shared their music playlist in a recent YouTube appearance

On December 9th, a video was posted on the YouTube channel “Deun Deun,” featuring veteran actor Lee Sung-min and actress Lee Jeong-eun as guest. The two came to promote their new drama, “A Bloody Lucky Day.”

In this video, Lee Sung-min was asked to share his playlist. The actor shyly shared that he listens to Suga from the boygroup BTS. “I was on my way back from a trip to a province, and I kept listening to BTS’s songs all the way to Seoul. I listened to the music out loud, and I thought they made such good music.”

Lee Sung-min also praised Suga by saying, “I went to Suga’s concert once. It was the first concert of my life and it was amazing. I respected him so much.”

Source: MyDaily

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