Following “Reborn Rich”… Lee Bo Young’s “Agency” recorded the highest rating of 7.5%

Following JTBC’s “Reborn Rich”, Lee Bo Young’s comeback work “Agency” got quite high ratings.

Actress Lee Bo Young‘s comeback work, JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Agency“, recorded a viewership rating of 5% in episode 2.

According to the ratings research company Nielsen Korea on Jan 8th, the ratings for episode 2 of “Agency”, which aired on the same day, are 5.1% nationwide and 5.4% in the metropolitan area. This figure is higher than episode 1’s 4% range.


In episode 1, Go Ah In (Lee Bo Young) won an internal presentation and became the first female executive of VC Planning, a leading advertising agency. The highest rating soared to 7.5%, raising expectations for a box office success.

Go Ah In was promoted to “creative director”, a position she had been longing for. She even arranged a get-together with her team members to share the joy.


Go Ah In became a hot topic as she was interviewed by various media outlets with the title of “Female Leader of Our Time”. However, the happiness of Go Ah In, who thought only a flower path would unfold, did not last very long.

Go Ah In told Kim Tae Wan (Jung Seung Gil), VC Group Headquarters’ chief secretary, “Executives are temporary employees. Just one year, that’s Director Go’s term of office.


And Go Ah In, who belatedly learned that such a plan was designed by Choi Chang Su (Jo Sung Ha), who did not get along with her, fell into a great shock.

Go Ah In, who tasted defeat, did not back down. She firmly made up her mind, “There are people in the world who become more vicious when they are defeated. Those seeds made history. I will try to make that history once.

Go Ah In visited her mentor Yoo Jung Seok (Jang Hyun Sung) to get advice, and she was advised to “fight with the absolute authority of an executive”.


Thanks to Yoo Jung Seok’s advice, Go Ah In began to closely review the production team’s personnel files and company bylaws. She issued personnel appointments to demote Choi Chang Su’s line, including Kwon Woo Cheol (Kim Dae Gon), from team leader to team member.

In other words, she declared a war against Choi Chang Su, who made her a one-year executive. JTBC’s “Agency”, a story that repeats twists and turns, airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 PM.

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