Lim Young Woong directly explains dating rumors with Soyou “I came to Jeju to meet Cho Young Soo”

Singer Lim Young Woong directly explained the dating rumors with Soyou.

Lim Young Woong turned on a live broadcast on July 10th. As if conscious of dating rumors with Soyou, Lim Young Woong said, “Hello. Nice to meet you all. I turned on the broadcast to tell you the truth. I’ll be honest. Actually, I was hiding it from you, but I’m going to introduce the person next to me through the broadcast. It was a secret, but I’ll introduce the person next to me.” He then introduced composer Cho Young Soo.

Lim Young Woong

He indirectly denied dating rumors, “I came to Young Soo’s house to play and dine out. I came to Jeju Island to play. We ate sashimi and meat. We talked about a lot of good things. I turned on the broadcast to let you know that I came to Young Soo’s house to play like this. I’m going to finish eating and go back to the dorm. I turned on the live broadcast in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Lim Young Woong and Soyou were embroiled in dating rumors as photos of them taken in front of a BBQ restaurant in Jeju Island were posted on SNS. In response, the agencies of both sides denied, “It’s not true at all. It was just a coincidence.”

Source: Nate

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