Ahn Bo Hyun: “I am never satisfied with myself, I want to grow as an actor”

Actor Ahn Bo Hyun showcased his quest for growth and unique charm.

Through Arena Homme Plus, Ahn Bo Hyun perfectly embodied various concepts.

He flawlessly portrayed concepts ranging from chic and masculine charisma to unique and trendy styles through sophisticated poses and captivating gaze.

Ahn Bo hyun

Ahn Bo Hyun revealed a professional side, “I tend to be strict with myself and never feel satisfied. I hope many people will view me favorably.” He continued, “I am quite critical of myself, always unsatisfied.”

Recently, he has been actively participating in various entertainment programs. He shared, “One big reason I do entertainment shows is for my grandmother. She loves watching me on TV so much that she asks my younger sibling to tune in.” 

He added, “To my grandmother, it feels like watching a live broadcast. I find her pure reactions very cute and endearing. I do entertainment shows for the sake of my family.”

Ahn Bo Hyun expressed his desire, “I want to show a new side of myself. I want to grow as an actor.” He continued, “In the future, I hope to be known more by the name of the character I portray in a drama rather than my own name. To me, that would be a great compliment as an actor, and I will continue to approach my career with that mindset.”

Source: Daum. 

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