The girlfriend of the model who was mentioned as the man in “V-Jennie’s dating” photo speaks up

While V and Jennie were caught up in dating rumors due to the “Jeju date” photo, the girlfriend of model A, who was said to be the man in the controversial photo, revealed her position.

On May 27th, an article titled “Gentle Monster’s model who resembles V and was filming an advertisement in Jeju Island” was posted on the online community Nate Pann. In the post, a comment from a netizen believed to be A’s girlfriend was seen.

model a

The netizen said, “Hello. I’m the real girlfriend of the guy in the photo. At first, when the misunderstanding arose, I just laughed it off but now I’m telling you that things have gone too far”, adding, “My boyfriend has never been a model for Gentle Monster and he is currently dating me.”

Lastly, she said, “Please don’t misunderstand. We’re ordinary people so please quickly delete the article.” The netizen also posted a picture taken with her boyfriend on Jeju Island in April revealed on her Instagram.

netizen comments

Internet users on theqoo responded, saying “This is like witch-hunting”, “No one can guarantee their privacy”, etc.

Recently, a post claiming the man in the “V-Jennie’s Jeju Island Drive Date” photo to be A was spread on the Internet. In response, some fans commented on A’s Instagram asking “Are you the man in the picture?”.


Model A then revealed his position in English through Instagram on May 27th, “The guy in the picture going viral now on Twitter is not me. So you don’t need to message me anymore.”

Earlier, the photo of a man and a woman believed to be BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie on a vacation in Jeju Island was revealed, sparking dating rumors. Accordingly, the two’s agencies remain silent about the issue until now.

Source: wikitree

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