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Kim So Eun “I’m still called ‘Ga Eul’ 13 years after ‘Boys Over Flowers’… I don’t have any complaints”

Actress Kim So Eun expressed her honest thoughts on the modifier “Ga Eul” remaining after “Boys Over Flowers”.

On the Nov 26th broadcast of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros“, Park Sung Hoon, Kim So Eun, Song Jin Woo and Im Na Young appeared as guests.

Knowing Bros

On this day, Kim So Eun honestly talked about the fact that the modifier “Ga Eul” remained after “Boys Over Flowers”, which aired in 2009, “Some actors are uncomfortable with having a character’s name follow them, but I like it the other way round.”

She added positively, “I recently saw a post on SNS with the subject of ‘Actors who lost their real names’, and I was there. I thought it was a great honor.”

Kim So-eun Knowing Bros
Kim So-eun Knowing Bros

Then, what role does Kim So Eun want to play as an actress? Kim So Eun revealed her younger sister’s reaction, “My sister said, ‘I think you’ll do well if you play a psychopath rather than a villain.’

Knowing Bros

Regarding this, Kim Hee Chul asked mischievously, “Do you mean it (psychopath) is your usual self?” Kim So Eun replied, “It’s not like that. I want to show how scary it is when a small woman like me rolls my eyes. That’s why I want to try it.”

Source: Nate

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