Kwon Eun-bi’s new song “Like Heaven” captures autumn sentiment

Kwon Eun-bi captures the autumn sentiment

Woollim Entertainment announced, “Kwon Eun-bi will release the digital single ‘Like Heaven’ at 6 PM on Oct 24th.

“Like Heaven” is a city pop song with dreamy guitar riff and brass sounds, featuring warm lyrics that offer a moment of respite to those chasing their dreams.

kwon eun-bi

Hip-hop artist Paul Blanco joins in the support. Kwon Eun-bi‘s clear tone and Paul Blanco’s sentimental voice provide a unique charm.

The music video was recently filmed in Tokyo, Japan. Kwon Eun-bi travels through various places in Japan under the warm sunlight, delivering a fresh yet nostalgic sentiment.

Meanwhile, Kwon Eun-bi held her third concert “Queen” on Oct 7th~8th.

Source: Dispatch

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