NewJeans Accused of Copying a Japanese Girl Group during Debut 

Accusations of NewJeans copying a Japanese girl group for their debut MV “Attention” has been circulating on SNS. 

On the afternoon of April 23, a topic comparing NewJeans’ debut MV “Attention” with the MV of a Japanese girl group was published on the Korean forum “theqoo”. Within just a couple of hours, the topic has attracted over 40,000 views and almost 500 comments. 

In particular, netizens discovered the “Body & Soul” MV of Japanese girl group SPEED, which was released on August 5, 1996, and found a strong resemblance between this video and NewJeans’ “Attention” MV. 

Pointing out several similar scenes and Y2K stylings between the 2 videos, some have started to accuse NewJeans of copying “SPEED”. 

This accusation is likely a response to Min Hee-jin’s recent claim of various other groups, including TWS, RIIZE, and ILLIT, “stealing” the Y2K concept from NewJeans, as it proves that the Y2K concept is not created solely by Min Hee-jin for NewJeans. 

Below are some netizens’ comment regarding this accusation: 

  • Honestly, even the choreography… looks similar haha. If Min Hee-jin insists that having long hair and wearing Y2K clothes is considered plagiarism, isn’t this a big deal?
  • Min Hee-jin was obviously influenced by concepts like this for NewJeans, and yet she had the guts to accuse ILLIT of plagiarism 
  • I’m not saying it was plagiarism, but I think it was definitely there as a reference.
  • This karma for Min Hee-jin, who made an idiotic remark
  • This is honestly similar 

Source: theqoo

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