Apink’s Yoon Bo-mi Wrote Apology Letter To Fans After Publicizing Her 8-Year Romance With Rado

Apink’s Yoon Bo-mi released a handwritten letter apologizing to fans after her romance with Rado was revealed

Earlier on April 23rd, Dispatch reported that Rado and Yoon Bo-mi have been dating for 8 years since April 2017. The two developed into lovers after working with each other for the title track “Only One” of Apink’s third full album in 2016. Black Eyed Pilseung participated in the entire production process of this song, from composing to writing lyrics and arranging.

Yoon Bo-mi’s agency Choi Creative Lab then confirmed the female singer’s romance with Black Eyed Pilseung’s Rado. Rado’s agency High Up Entertainment also acknowledged the two’s relationship and asked fans to support the couple.

yoon bo mi-rado

Later on the same day, Yoon Bo-mi released a handwritten letter on Apink’s official fancafe. She confessed, “I guess many of you guys might have been so surprised by the news, and I’m concerned that you might feel hurt”, adding “First of all, I want to apologize to Panda (Apink’s fandom) who must have been very shocked by this sudden news”.

The Apink member continued, “While producing many songs together, we developed feelings for each other then started dating and have maintained the relationship until now”, adding “I feel like I, who used to have many shortcomings when I was younger, have been able to grow into a more mature and healthier person after meeting such a wise and sensible person”.

She shared, “Even at this moment, as I’m writing this letter, I still feel so awkward and worried, but I still deeply respect the heart of every fan and cherish you guys, who always care for me.”

Lastly, Yoon Bo-mi added, “I will continue to show you good performances with my sincere and positive energy as Yoon Bo-mi. I’m always grateful for your support. I’m sorry and I love you all”.

Meanwhile, Yoon Bo-mi has been working as a singer and actress since her debut with Apink in April 2011. She’s currently starring in tvN’s drama “Queen of Tears” as Hong Hae-in (Kim Ji-won)’s secretary Na Chae-yeon.

As a representative producer of High Up Entertainment, Rado has made numerous hit songs, such as TWICE’s “Fancy”, “Cheer Up”, Chungha’s “Gotta Go”, Apink’s “I’m So Sick”, etc. 

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