BLACKPINK Jennie’s Favorite “Cloud Bread” Bag Causes Sold-Out Crisis Once Again

This bag, Jennie’s favorite item, has gained tremendous popularity from last year to this year.

The quilted bag from COS, a Swedish fashion brand, is characterized by its soft, cushion-like quilted pattern, which resembles fluffy clouds, earning it the nickname “Cloud Bread Bag.”

The popularity began with BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Every time she was photographed at the airport, she carried an oversized white Cloud Bread bag. As Jennie’s pictures spread on social media, the bag instantly went viral and reached an unprecedented level of scarcity. People even resorted to paying higher prices to purchase it.


COS responded to the overwhelming popularity of the quilted bag by opening the world’s first “Quilted Bag” pop-up store in Seoul. They introduced not only the existing oversized and mini sizes but also unveiled new sizes and shapes for the first time. 

Only customers who made prior reservations could enter the pop-up store. The reservations were already closed before the start of the event, and the competition for reservations was fierce. When the event began, customers rushed in like a flood, causing a chaotic scene in front of the store.

COS prepared a total of 21 products in five types of quilted bags for the pop-up store. The quantities prepared by COS quickly sold out. On the first day, many customers bought the products, including resellers. 

Subsequently, posts appeared on secondhand trading platforms, stating that the nano-sized quilted bag, which was sold for 35,000 won at the pop-up store, now is being sold by resellers for over 200,000 won.


Fake products resembling the quilted bag are also being widely sold. Domestic Korean brands are also selling bags with similar designs. These bags are cheaper than the quilted bag and are known as alternative options to the Cloud Bread bag.

The quilted bag, first released in 2020, has solidified its position as COS’s signature item. It was inspired by the patterns and shapes created by quilting and smocking techniques. The material used is also eco-friendly. The bag is made with recycled outer fabric produced from plastic bottles and discarded fibers, and the lining is composed of 100% cotton.

It not only offers durability but also high utility. It is praised for being lightweight yet sturdy due to the cotton padding inside. The bag has hidden pockets inside and provides ample storage space. 

Source: Economist.co.kr

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