Stray Kids Lee Know, even fans recognized him as “The Most Hardworking Artist of 2021”

Lee Know of the group Stray Kids was selected as the artist who has spent 2021 the busiest.

Lee Know, who is growing as a global K-pop star, was selected by fans to be the busiest star through the vote of “The Most Hardworking Artist of 2021 is?” by the Weekly Choice voting of Daily Sports and Mubeat. The event was held from 6 p.m. on Dec 23rd (KST) to 3 p.m. on Dec 29th through the Mubeat app.

Stray Kids Lee Know

Lee Know won 301,287 out of 757,719 votes, giving him the title of “The Most Hardworking Artist of 2021″ by fans.

As a member of the group Stray Kids as well as individual artist Lee Know, he has done various activities without a day off this year. Stray Kids are in their fourth year of debut and has become an idol representing the 4th idol generation, confirming their name value.

stray kids

In the first half of 2021, Lee Know along with his group Stray Kids won the survival entertainment “Kingdom: Legendary War” before releasing their second full-length album “NOEASY” and the title song “Thunderous” in August, proving their top position among the 4th-generation idols.

Immediately after its release, “Thunderous” topped the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart, topped the iTunes Song Chart in 52 countries/regions, surpassed 100 million views in the shortest period on its MV, six trophies including the first terrestrial music broadcast since their debut, and appeared on 7 U.S. Billboard charts. Based on such achievement, he and Stray Kids have won the 2021 AAA’s “Performance of the Year” award and the 2021 MAMA’s  “Worldwide Fans Choice TOP 10”.

Stray Kids Lee Know

Lee Know is also a 100-point worth of a versatile all-around character. Since August, he is showing his stable hosting skills as an MBC’s “Music Core” MC. In addition, he showed off his outstanding entertainment skills as well as singing, dancing, and performing well on TVing’s original content “Idol Dictation Contest 2”, EBS’s “Best Cooking Secret”, and Channel A’s “Urban Fishermen 3”.

The Most Hardworking Artist of 2021

Following Lee Know, Seventeen‘s Seungkwan also got named as an artist who has spent a busy year. Seungkwan received 218,967 votes, showing how he has been so busy this year that even 10 him are not enough.

Looking at the countries where voting inflow was high for the “Most Hardworking Artist of 2021,” Asia accounted for 49% of the total. A More regionally specific number is 23.4% in Southeast Asia and 23.0% in East Asia.

Among the countries with the highest amount of votes in the region, South Korea ranked first and Mexico ranked second in terms of having the most fans participated. Significant voting results also came out in Europe. Russia (3.7%) had the highest participation rate in Europe.

Meanwhile, the 4th Weekly Choice of “Daily Sports X Mubeat” voting will be held under the theme of “Which idol will be the star of 2022?“, running from 5 p.m. on Dec 30th to 3 p.m. on January 5, 2022, and can be voted on the Mubeat app.

The candidates are as follows. ▲THE BOYZ ▲MONSTA X ▲BTS ▲BLACKPINK ▲SEVENTEEN ▲Stray Kids ▲ASTRO ▲aespa ▲ATEEZ ▲ITZY (in Korean alphabetical order)

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