Han Hyo-joo “I worked hard on my body, including tanning and fine muscles”

Actress Han Hyo-joo exuded her aura.

Han Hyo-joo decorated the cover of the November issue of fashion magazine Cosmopolitan.

At the filming site, which was conducted in collaboration with brand Max Mara, Han Hyo-joo received praise from the staff for giving off the presence of an actress with her intense eyes and graceful, elegant poses.

Han Hyo-joo Cosmopolitan

When asked about her current situation, Han Hyo-joo expressed confidence, “I’m traveling all over the country to film ‘Believer 2’. I tanned to play a strong character called ‘Keunkal’ and worked hard to show fine muscles. A feeling like ‘strong on the outside and stronger on the inside’.”

She raised viewers’ expectations for her upcoming work, “It’ll be completely different from Han Hyo-joo so far. Even seniors on set can’t recognize me. It’s fun to see a face that I’ve never seen myself while monitoring.”

Han Hyo-joo Cosmopolitan

In the subsequent interview, Han Hyo-joo expressed her excitement about appearing in writer Lee Soo-yeon’s drama “Dominant Species”, “It’s a smart drama that fits the times. I kept getting goosebumps and tingling during the two hours I had a meeting with the writer. I think a really interesting drama will come out. My role is a CEO like an onion. It’s amazing.”

Han Hyo-joo Cosmopolitan

Along with her upcoming work, Han Hyo-joo has played strong characters such as captain of the pirate ship in “The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure” and member of a Special Operation Unit police squad in “Happiness”. She confessed, “I liked the roles I played in my 20s, but I’m getting more and more action-oriented.”

She showed the aspect of a challenger, “For me, challenges are really important. I’ll continue to challenge myself with new things.”

Han Hyo-joo has finished filming the movie “Believer 2” and Disney+’s series “Moving”. She is about to start filming writer Lee Soo-yeon’s new drama “Dominant Species”.

The November issue of Cosmopolitan featuring Han Hyo-joo’s cover will be available at bookstores nationwide from Oct 22nd, 2022. It can also be found on Cosmopolitan Korea’s website and Instagram.

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