Girls’ Generation Sunny X Hyoyeon are going camping… Selected as “No Way Home” MCs

Girls’ Generation Sunny and Hyoyeon are leaving for winter camping.

According to Sports Seoul on Nov 17th, Girls’ Generation Sunny and Hyoyeon were selected as MCs for the new entertainment program “No Way Home”.

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“No Way Home” is an entertainment program in which MCs Sunny and Hyoyeon enjoy real camping with guests. It raises interest by having sincere conversations and giving tips related to camping, which has emerged as a popular travel trend.

In particular, expectations are high for the chemistry between Sunny and Hyoyeon, who debuted under the same group in 2007 and have been working together for 15 years. It is curious to see what kind of chemistry the two, who recently went on a friendship trip on the entertainment show “The Travelog”, will show off through camping with guests.

Meanwhile, “No Way Home” is in the process of filming.

Source: Daum

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