LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon Shared Video of “Middle Finger” after Coachella, Sparking Debate 

The latest SNS update of LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon after the group’s performance at Coachella has raised a lot of eyebrows. 

Recently, LE SSERAFIM came under fire after their performance at the music festival Coachella, mostly due to the group’s lack of live-singing skills. 

So far, various topics criticizing LE SSERAFIM’s abilities have appeared on Korean forums and international SNS platforms, with some comments going way beyond “constructive criticism”. 

le sserafim-chaewon

Amid these, Chaewon’s SNS update draws attention. In particular, following LE SSERAFIM’s performance at Coachella, the female idol allegedly shared on her Instagram story a video of Doja Cat’s Coachella stage, where the latter gave the audience her middle finger. 

The story has since been deleted, but various people were able to capture it, leading to Chaewon’s SNS update to share like wildfire. 

le sserafim-chaewon-story

As a result, many are already making speculations about what exactly Chaewon means through her “middle finger” video. Particularly, some believe that Chaewon probably just likes Doja Cat, whilst others insist that the female idol is subtly “dissing” the audience for criticizing LE SSERAFIM’s performance. 

In the end, it is impossible to know Chaewon’s true intentions behind the story. 

Below are some comments about Chaewon’s “middle finger” video:

  • I don’t think she published it with any hidden intentions
  • From a non-fan perspective, this seems intentional…
  • Doja Cat’s performance lasted a long time, yet she picked this part to share
  • Eh, the middle finger part was just amazing, there’s nothing wrong with sharing it

Source: Instiz, Krb

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