Netizens Miss BLACKPINK More After BABYMONSTER’s Cover & Jisoo’s SNS Story

Following BABYMONSTER’s cover of “As If It’s Your Last”, many netizens are expressing their longing for BLACKPINK performances

On May 11th, BABYMONSTER held their first fanmeeting in Japan, marking the start of their Asia tour. Apart from the group’s songs, the YG’s new girl group also did a cover of songs by senior singers. 


In particular, their cover of “As If It’s Your Last” left a great impression on the public. Although the music stopped twice due to technical issues, the girls quickly solved it by singing the song live and dancing to it enthusiastically, proving their professionalism despite being a rookie group. 

After the cover spread online, netizens and BLINKs have begun to bring back old performances of BLACKPINK and hope the four members will reunite soon. 

jisoo blackpink-ig story

Recently, Jisoo posted an Instagram story promoting BLACKPINK’s collaboration game with VEVE vibes to be released later in May. What caused fans to feel emotional is that the oldest of BLACKPINK uploaded an AI drawing of all four members.

At the moment, BLACKPINK members are focusing more on their solo activities. While Jisoo is busy with her filming schedule, Jennie released a collaboration and is preparing for her solo album. Lisa is busy with “The White Lotus” filming and her upcoming solo album preparation, while Rosé also hinted at her new solo album. As such, fans may have to wait until 2025 to see BLACKPINK doing activities as a full team.

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