Seo Ye-ji made a comeback with “Eve” after keeping silence on her gaslighting/lying/plastic surgery controversies

Actress Seo Ye-ji didn’t release any statements about her controversies.

There is one thing that is more important to celebrities these days than their talents, it’s a good personality. If you have made a mistake, you need to make a sincere apology and a clear explanation. Even after going through this process, there are many people who were eventually kicked out of the entertainment industry. But what if a celebrity decides to just keep quiet after getting involved in controversies.

Seo Ye-ji keeping silence on her controversies
Seo Ye-ji posing for reporters./sunday@osen.co.kr

Actress Seo Ye-ji is doing this

In April last year, when rumors of a romantic relationship between actor Kim Jung-hyun and actress Seo Ye-ji broke out, her name began to be mentioned. Kim Jung-hyun was said to be in trouble because of Seo Ye-ji, his ex-girlfriend. There were reports that the reason he avoided physical contact with his partner Seo-hyun during MBC’s press conference of the drama “Time” and dropped out after 12 episodes during the airing of it was all related to his lover Seo Ye-ji.

It is the so-called theory of Seo Ye-ji. Online and offline communities have been heated up with the rumors of her past relationships with other celebrities. A media outlet even reported the messages Seo Ye-ji and Kim Jung-hyun exchanged at the time, raising a huge controversy. Kim Jung-hyun is still being ridiculed as “Kim Tak-tak” because of the message Seo Ye-ji sent him, “Kim Tak-tak, no skinship (with other female actresses).”

kim jung hyun seohyun snsd

It is just a past relationship of a young man and a young woman. Therefore, if Seo Ye-ji explained immediately, the situation could be easily concluded. However, the actress disappeared as she was absent from the press conference of the movie “Recalled” scheduled for the next day. Instead, her agency came forward and explained, “It was a common affection fight between the actor and actress who are lovers in the industry.”

Most of the articles related to “Recalled” only mentioned her absence because of this, while Kim Kang-woo, the other main actor, struggled to promote alone. It is still regrettable that the movie could have been more successful because of its good quality if it hadn’t been for the issue of Seo Ye-ji. In other words, it has caused harm to Kim Kang-woo and other “Recalled” cast and staff.

Seo Ye ji

Suspicions of the actress have even grown bigger since then, including allegations of her plastic surgery in school, false academic background at Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, allegations of her gaslighting with Yoon-ho of TVXQ before Kim Jung-hyun, and her personality controversy while studying in Spain. Nevertheless, Seo Ye-ji remained silent.

But she seems to repeat the same mistake.

tvN’s new drama “Eve’s Scandal” released a photo from the script reading of Seo Ye-ji, Park Byung-eun, Yoo Sun and Lee Sang-yeob on Feb 25th. In the photo, Seo Ye-ji was wearing a mask, but she still stood out with her unchanging visuals. When this photo was released and related press releases were distributed, Seo Ye-ji once again became a hot issue.

Seo Ye-ji keeping silence on her controversies

In this work, Seo Ye-ji plays the role of Lee Ra-el, a woman who designed the revenge plan. After carefully planning her revenge due to the shocking death of her father during her childhood, Lee Ra-el is a fatal woman who will become the main character of a divorce suit worth 2 trillion won for an upper-class couple in the top 0.1% class of Korea.

Regarding Seo Ye-ji, who was cast as Lee Ra-el, the production crew explained, “Seo Ye-ji is an actress with a strong image and energy to immerse herself into the character Lee Ra-el. Her high understanding of the character and extraordinary affection for this work are the main reasons why we confirmed the casting with her.”

What Seo Ye-ji needs now is her own backup. When the casting proposal was reported last year, some criticized and worried about Seo Ye-ji’s return. It is true that she is a good actress, but this is because she has a bad reputation and is out of favor. There were also voices of concern that her fellow actors and production crew would receive criticism for nothing.

Seo Ye-ji keeping silence on her controversies

Nevertheless, the “Eve’s Scandal” side believed in Seo Ye-ji and the filming has already been underway since November last year. The premiere date has yet to be confirmed, but if Seo Ye-ji does not apologize and give an explanation until “Eve’s Scandal” airs, the issue is not expected to die down. The situation is inevitably noisy outside of the work.

Despite various controversies over the years, Seo Ye-ji replaced her feelings with a photo posted on her fancafe in June last year. The photo is a scene from the popular cartoon “Snoopy” with the phrase “It must be nice to have someone you believe in.” Even at this time, a proper self-explanation was left out.

Is it because she thinks that she has done nothing wrong, or that she only needs to be good at acting? Now, apart from acting skills, personality has become essential for actors. If Seo Ye-ji turns a blind eye to apology and explanation until the end, she will again become the worst inconvenience for her fellow actors, production crew and staff.

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